Djazairouna program for the integration of women into the labour market

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...two studies on existing project financing schemes and job search procedures, or a workshop on "Decent Work for Women, social protection and access to property". In addition, in November 20...

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Badr Association concludes its campaign to defend women's right to inheritance

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...ion to the right in obtaining inheritance and property management. Within this co...tted themselves to facilitating women’s access to their inheritance. On the...overnment officials to ensure that women have access to their right to inheritance;...


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Gender Justice and Equality before the law: Analysis of Progress and Challenges in the Arab States Region

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...r women and girls: protection from violence, rights within the family, property rights and rights at work....verview of the social and economic contexts in which laws are made and access to justice is exercised. It als...

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Female breadwinners's adaptation methods in the light of the feminization of poverty phenomena in some Egyptian governorates

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...while women remain poor. The United Nations Human Development Report of 1997 considers that this term also reflects the unequal access to education, employment and property ownership. The aim of this pr...

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Giving credit where it is due. How closing the credit gap for women-owned SMEs can drive global growth

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...the barriers Women-owned SMEs face, such as: access to education and training, le...cture-related challenges. The study considers access to finance as a major constra...luding women’s lack of collateral, weak property rights and discriminatory reg...


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SIGI 2019 Global Report: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities / Rapport mondial SIGI 2019: Transformer les défis en opportunités / تقرير المؤشر العالمي للمؤسسات الاجتماعية والجندر: تحويل التحديات إلى فرص

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Over the past decade, the Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) has consistently shown that governments need to look at discriminatory laws, social norms and practices to achieve gender equality and promote women’s empowerment. This 2019 global report provides an overview of...

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Advocacy campaign to support women’s right to inheritance in Sohag / حملة المناصرة لدعم حق المرأة في الميراث في سوهاج / Campagne de plaidoyer pour promouvoir le droit des femmes à l'héritage à Sohag

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Although the Egyptian Civil Code states that women have the right to own, inherit and independently use their property equally to men, many Egyptian women, especially in rural areas, are deprived from their inheritance. In Sohag’s governorate, 93% of women are deprived of their in...

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Empowering Women in the Rural Labor Force with a Focus on Agricultural Employment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) / Autonomiser les travailleuses rurales, notamment au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord (région MENA) / تمكين المرأة في قوة العمل الريفية مع التركيز على العمالة الزراعية ف...

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Women in the MENA region are farmers and family and wage workers, but lack control over most resources and other opportunities. Therefore their contribution to the agricultural development and to the broader economic and social development remains limited.This paper questions the ways in which wo...