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World Bank – Gender and development

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Gender equality has become one of the strategic components of the World Bank in its fight to reduce poverty. In 2007, the World Bank launched an action plan in favour of gender equality aimed at increasing the economic opportunities for women to access land, work, agriculture and financial services.


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Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

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...revent them from having equal access or control over various resou...ources. In rural areas, where access of women to land and non-land resources remains challenging,...ess gender issues. Moreover, access to other natural assets for p...nder inequality regarding the access to natural resources and th...

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Harnessing the Power of Data for Gender Equality: Introducing the 2019 EM2030 SDG Gender Index

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...dings: for instance, the region scores particularly well on measures of access to basic services, energy,&nb...wide set of indicators related to women’s legal rights, including land ownership, workplace equality...

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Improving Access to Women's Land Rights Data for Policy Decisions: Lessons Learnt and Opportunities linked to SDGs

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...ities in poverty are rooted in inequalities in access to economic resources includi...shows that in many countries women have weaker land rights, including inheritance...roup and hence inequality around women’s land rights is also affected by wo...


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Fighting against female school dropouts in Areas C in Bethlehem and Hebron / النضال لإيقاف تسرب الفتيات من المدارس في المنطقة (ج) في بيت لحم والخليل / Lutter contre l'abandon scolaire des filles à Bethléem et Hébron

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Education is considered as an important factor in enhancing a person’s opportunities in social and economic mobility. However, leaving school at an early age remains a problem, to which poverty and being female are generally associated with. To further analyze this issue, the Psyc...

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Gender and Land Rights Database - GLRD / Base de données Genre et le Droit à la Terre - GLRD / قاعدة بيانات النوع الاجتماعي و الحق في الأرض GLRD

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The GLRD  was launched by FAO in 2010 to highlight the major political, legal and cultural factors that influence the realisation of women’s land rights throughout the world. It also serves as hub of information for policy makers and advocates of women’s land right...

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Women, business and the law 2018 / Les Femmes, l'Entreprise et le Droit 2018 / المرأة والأعمال والقانون 2018

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Women, Business and the Law 2018 is the 5th edition in a series of biennial reports measuring the legal obstacles to women who engage in economic activity around the world. The analysis draws on newly-collected data across seven indicators: accessing institutions, using property, gettin...