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From theory to practice: CEDAW before Lebanese and Jordanian courts / De la théorie à la pratique : la CEDEF et les tribunaux libanais et jordaniens / اتفاقية سيداو: من النظري إلى التطبيقي; السيداو أمام القضاء اللبناني و الأردني

Created by Foundation's Team 2399 days ago

This study examines the application of the Convention on the ·Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in Lebanon and Jordan. It outlines the gap between the Penal Code and the Convention. It aims to monitor the legal needs to raise awareness about CEDAW and the leg...

Foundation's Team

From theory to practice: CEDAW before the Syrian courts / De la théorie à la pratique : la CEDEF et les tribunaux syriens / اتفاقية سيداو: من النظري إلى التطبيقي; السيداو أمام القضاء السوري

Created by Foundation's Team 2399 days ago

This study explains the gap, from the one hand, between the Syrian Constitution and the Convention on the ·Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Whilst, from the other hand, it outlines the gap between the Penal code and the Convention. It aims to monitor the le...

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National Strategy to Combat Violence against Women 2011 - 2019 / Stratégie nationale pour combattre la violence contre les femmes 2011-2019 / استراتيجية وطنية لمكافحة العنف ضد المرأة 2011-2019

Created by Foundation's Team 2404 days ago

This document presents the national strategy to combat violence against women in the occupied Palestinian territories for the time period 2011-2019. It was prepared by the National Committee to combat violence against women of the Ministry of Women´s Affairs.It begins with information, stat...

Foundation's Team

Identification of Legislative Gaps for the Full Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) In the Arab Region / Identification d'un vide juridique concernant la pleine mise en œuvre de la résolution 1325 (2000) du Conseil de Sécurité de l'ONU dans la région arabe / تحديد الفجوات ال...

Created by Foundation's Team 2412 days ago

The study examines the legislative action needed in order to fully implement the Resolution 1325 about women, peace and security in seven Arab countries: Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen. It falls under the Development Account project on institutional and capacity-buildin...

Foundation's Team

Social and economic situation of Palestinian women and girls (July 2012 - June 2014) / Situation socio-économique des femmes et des filles palestiniennes (juillet 2012-juin 2014) / لوضع الإجتماعي و الإقتصادي للنساء و الفتيات الفلسطينيات (تموز/يوليو 2012-حزيران/يونيو 2014)

Created by Foundation's Team 2413 days ago

The present report reviews the status of women and girls in Palestine over the period July 2012 - June 2014, outlining the positive developments and the significant challenges done in terms of gender equality. It describes the political situation in Palestine in general and its impact on women&ac...

Foundation's Team

Status of Arab Women Report. Access to Justice for Women and Girls in the Arab Region: From Ratification to Implementation of International Instruments / Rapport sur le statut des femmes arabes. Accès à la justice des femmes et des filles dans la région arabe : de la ratification à la mise en app...

Created by Foundation's Team 2413 days ago

Arab Women still face persistent inequality rooted in discriminatory laws and constitutions. There is still a huge gender gap in economic, political and social rights. This study highlights the status of women´s access to justice in the Arab Region and examines the available legal protectio...

Foundation's Team

An analysis of the Victims' Rights Directive from a gender perspective / Une analyse de la directive sur les droits des victimes dans une perspective d'égalité entre hommes et femmes / تحليل لتوجيه حقوق الضحايا من منظور النوع الاجتماعي

Created by Foundation's Team 2420 days ago

This report presents a gender perspective analysis of the Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 October 2012, which established minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. It is focused on the specificities of the implementation of ...

Foundation's Team

Legal Rights guidelines: The rights of divorced women in Palestinian society / Manuel des droits humains : les droits des femmes divorcées dans la société palestinienne / الدليل الحقوقي الإرشادي: حقوق النساء المطلقات في المجتمع الفلسطيني

Created by Foundation's Team 2420 days ago

This guide is designed to help divorced Palestinian women, who suffer from unfair laws and to whom the society that still looks down upon. The main objective of this guide is to answer all legal questions divorced women could have, in order to give them full information about their rights. It als...

Foundation's Team

Living with the shadows of the past: The impact of disappearance on wives of the missing in Lebanon / Vivre avec les ombres du passé: l'impact de la disparition sur les femmes des disparus au Liban / العيش في أطياف الماضي: أثر الإخفاء على زوجات المفقودين في لبنان

Created by Foundation's Team 2434 days ago

This report examines the impact on women of enforced disappearances committed during Lebanon’s civil war, focusing in particular on the effects on wives of the missing or disappeared—and their children. The research is based on interviews conducted by ICTJ with 23 wives of m...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Genre Culture Diversité et Développement (GCDD)
The Entrepreneurs Forum (FCE)
Djerba Solidarity & Development Association
Association Voix d'Ève (AVE)
Legal Association for Family Assistance and Human Rights
Nelly Jazra
AWARE Services & Consulting
Jyhene Kebsi
Libyan Women Forum (LWF)
Sarab Center for Culture and Community Arts
Ntic et Citoyennete - Maurifemme
Libyan Women ORG
Faculty of Humanities-Martil, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
Al-Bait Assamed Association Society
Ideaborn Consulting
Khadija Ben Hassine
Anne Laure Humbert
Association Citoyens Acteurs
Femmes et Leadership
YEFL Young Egyptian Feminists League
Théâtre Variable n°2
Maysa Hajjaj
Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality
Association des Filles de la Renaissance
Women's Network for Mentoring / Networking (RFMN)
The Arab Association for Human Rights
Women’s House for Development
Palestinian Businesswomen's Association ASALA
French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby (C.L.E.F.)
Social and Economic Forum for Women Association
Adina Mocanu
The Egyptian Youth Council for Development
Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development  (ARDD - Legal Aid)
Association of Continuity of Generations - ACG
Venus Association for the culture and arts

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