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Casa Mediterráneo in collaboration with IEMed celebrated 8 of March with a conference on female leadership in the Mediterranean

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...ity between men and women, it is necessary to promote women’s access to positions of responsibility in all publ...University of Beirut, Lebanon; Assia Merazi, from the Office of the Executive Director of the World Tourism...

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Women's Year Is Not Finished Yet! Egyptian women's status in 2017

Created by Noha El Khouly 2203 days ago women in cabinet reshuffle, women in positions for the first time, women and decision-making positions, women in the Press, and Synd...omen’s rights and support women to access to their rights. The report is in Arabic, but and executive summery is available in Engli...

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Research seminar on economics in terms of gender

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...see an important gap between the statistics on women's access to the education system and their access to employment. State leaders...focused on the political representation of women or the access to executive positions, disregarding those in which...


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Field diagnosis: Women's participation in municipal councils in Irbid

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...ural challenges that women face as members of executive and local councils. It als...s how the quota has impacted on women’s access to the national Parliament. Fina...resence in local governments, decision-making positions and political life in general...

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Gender equality in the UK: The next stage of the journey

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...dations on actions to be implemented to improve equality and equal treatment of men and women in the business world, including women's access to executive positions.

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Gender Equality Key Figures 2012

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...the media, culture and sports, distribution of roles in the family, participation in the labour market and professional equality, access to executive positions, access to mandates and elective functio...


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16 associations travaillent en binômes pour influencer les politiques de femmes / العمل مع الأقران: 16 جمعية تتبادل المعرفة والأساليب حول مناصرة حقوق المرأة / 16 associations work in pairs to influence women’s policies

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Seize associations du sud de la Méditerranée et de l’Union européenne sont engagées dans des échanges d’apprentissage pour partager des idées sur leurs stratégies pour défendre les droits des femmes et pour atteindre le...

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MIFTAH wants to strengthen women’s access to decision-making positions / MIFTAH veut renforcer l'accès des femmes aux postes de décision politique / حشد ناشطي المساواة في رام الله لدفع وصول النساء لمراكز اتخاذ القرار السياسي

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In Palestine, women and youth are underrepresented in local councils, in political bodies and in the public life. Decision-making positions are held by middle-aged men. Therefore, the association The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy - MIFTAH ...

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Promoting women’s access to decision-making positions in Souss-Massa / Promotion de l’accès des femmes aux postes de décision à Souss-Massa / الآليات الإقليمية لدفع وصول النساء لمناصب اتخاذ القرار في سوس ماسة

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In Morocco, the legal framework supports equality between women and men, as evidenced by the introduction of the instance 79.14 under the Moroccan law, which is the instance of parity and the fight against all forms of discrimination. Nevertheless, women are absent from the decision-mak...