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Field diagnosis: Women's participation in municipal councils in Irbid

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...ural challenges that women face as members of executive and local councils. It als...s how the quota has impacted on women’s access to the national Parliament. Fina...resence in local governments, decision-making positions and political life in general...

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Gender equality in the UK: The next stage of the journey

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...dations on actions to be implemented to improve equality and equal treatment of men and women in the business world, including women's access to executive positions.

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Gender Equality Key Figures 2012

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...the media, culture and sports, distribution of roles in the family, participation in the labour market and professional equality, access to executive positions, access to mandates and elective functio...

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Women / Men Equality in Business. 2011-2012 Edition

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...d at promoting professional equality in enterprises and improving access to employment for marginalise...nes on seeking employment, legislation and key figures related to access to executive positions, leadership and payment. This...

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Professional Gender Equality in the Civil Service

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...ities persist in the pay levels as well as in women’s access to executive positions in the public office. After h...aspects: recruitment; career path and evolutions; women' s access to executive positions; pay policy, professional-pri...