VIII Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum

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It is our pleasure to inform you about the VIII MEDITERRANEAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS FORUM which will take place on the 28th of April 2016 in Cairo (Egypt). The Forum is co-organized by AFAEMME, the Egyptian Business Women Association (EBWA) and the...

Noha El Khouly

Egyptian Woman in Parliament 2015

Created by Noha El Khouly 2942 days ago

The Conference will start with an opening session by ECWR's Chair woman: Ms. Nehad Aboul Komsan, His Excellency Ambassador. James Moran- Head of European Union to Egypt, and His Excellency Ambassador. Arturo Avello Díez del Corral- Embassy of Spain...

Heba Adel Sayed

تدريب تأهيل المرشحات للمحليات

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يان صحفى تبدأ اليوم مبادرة المحاميات المصريات أولى تدريباتها فى اطار حملة المحليات لنا (أصواتنا الحرة) بمحافظة القاهرة بهدف بناء وتعزيز قدرات الراغبين فى الترشح لعضوية المجالس المحلية منوالنساء والشباب ويستمر التدريب على مدار ثلاثة ايام بدءا الغد...

Foundation's Team

Monitoring seminar of the Ministerial commitments: women in the Euromed region

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19 October, 2015 in Lisbon   The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights organises, with the support of the European Parliament Information Bureau, a seminar in Lisbon on women of the Euro-Mediterranean. The seminar will gather experts...

Foundation's Team

Presentation of the First monitoring report of the Foundation in Tunis

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8 October 2015, in Tunis   The presentation of the First monitoring report is an initiative of the Foundation, in partnership with one of its founding members, the Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research - CAWTAR and the Research...

Foundation's Team

Presentation in Marseille of the monitoring report 2015 of the Foundation

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17 September 2015, in Marseille   The presentation of the First monitoring report on the role of women in the Mediterranean is organised by the « Forum Femmes Méditerrannée » (FFM) in partnership with...

Foundation's Team

Research seminar on violence against women in Tunisia

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8 and 9 October 2015 in Tunis The «  Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Méditerranéen sur le Genre et les femmes » (RUSEMEG), founding member of the Foundation, will organise the 6th...

Foundation's Team

Framework regional dialogue for preparing pilot mobilization actions in 2015

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A regional dialogue is planned on September 9 in Marrakech (Morocco) to prepare policy monitoring pilot projects and to exchange experiences intended to promote joint work in the field of equality between men and women. These actions, called...

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Organisation of a workshop to strengthen advocacy capacities

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A call to organisations interested in political dialogue and advocacy of gender equality in the Euro-Mediterranean region will soon be launched in order to identify 24 participants in a workshop to strengthen capacities in the field. ...

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Call to the leaders of the local clusters. June 2015

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This call will open in June 2015 in order to identify associations working for gender equality capable of mobilising and strengthening the action agreed between the equality actors on a local scale in several southern Mediterranean countries. These...