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Women in Democratic Transitions in the MENA Region / Les femmes et les transitions démocratiques dans la région MENA / المرأة في التحولات الديمقراطية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط و شمال أفريقيا

Created by Foundation's Team 3054 days ago

The papers in this report represent the findings of a conference on Advocating women´s political Participation in transition which took place in Rabat in November 2012. It documents the status of women in decision making in the post-Arab spring context and highlights the struggles and succe...

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Radio Voix de femmes / Radio Voix de femmes / راديو صوت النساء

Created by Foundation's Team 3202 days ago

Voix de Femmes (Women’s Voice) is an associative web radio run by the Algerian association Femmes en communication (FEC), which deals with issues concerning gender equality. Its program schedule focuses on a variety of topics, such as violence against women, sexual and reproductiv...

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The gender & media handbook: Promoting equality, diversity & empowerment / Le manuel sur le genre et les médias: promotion de l' égalité, la diversité et l' autonomisation / كتيب الإعلام و النوع الإجتماعي

Created by Foundation's Team 3207 days ago

The handbook forms part of the project "Gender, conflict and the media: Working towards egalitarianism and peace", which seeks to promote the debate on gender inequality and the role of the media in this field. The project seeks to bring about change in how the media's representation of women add...

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Atria - Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History / Atria - Institut sur l'égalité femmes-hommes et l'histoire des femmes / أتريا - معهد المساواة بين الجنسين وتاريخ النساء

Created by Foundation's Team 3273 days ago

Founded in 1935, the Atria - Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History is a foundation based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) committed to equal treatment and equal opportunities for girls and women in all their social and cultural diversity. The Foundation has a library tha...

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The Mediatisation of Women' s Political Participation in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia / Médiatisation de la participation politique de la femme en Algérie, au Maroc et en Tunisie / التغطية الإعلامية لمشاركة المرأة السياسية في الجزائر و المغرب و تونس

Created by Foundation's Team 3277 days ago

This report was prepared in the framework of the project "Strengthening women' s leadership and participation in politics and decision-making in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia", which seeks to improve the status of women in order to strengthen their participation in political life. It proposes a co...

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State of the situation of women' s participation in political life in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia / État de la situation de la participation de la femme à la vie politique en Algérie, au Maroc et en Tunisie / حالة وضع مشاركة المرأة في الحياة السياسية في الجزائر, المغرب و تونس

Created by Foundation's Team 3280 days ago

In the framework of the project “Strengthening women’s leadership and participation in politics and the decision-making process in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia", this report sheds light on the participation of women in the political life and decision-making in three Maghreb countries....

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Fostering women' s capacities and gender awareness-raising / تعزيز قدرات المرأة ورفع مستوى التوعية عن النوع الإجتماعي / Renforcement des capacités des femmes et sensibilisation au genre

Created by Foundation's Team 3294 days ago

This practice forms part of an initiative called TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), a non-profit annual international conference bringing together particularly innovative scientists, entrepreneurs and artists. Their presentations are recorded and are freely available online. This concept...

Foundation's Team

Annual Report 2012-2013 – UN Women / Rapport annuel 2012-2013 – ONU Femmes / التقرير السنوي 2012-2013 للأمم المتحدة للنساء

Created by Foundation's Team 3301 days ago

The report offers an overall view of the initiatives undertaken by UN Women in 2012 and 2013 to make gender equality advance in the world. The organization mainly works in 5 areas: women' s leadership and participation; violence against women; women' s participation in peace and security processe...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Kenzy Associacion for Development
Association Tunisienne de la Santé de la Reproduction (ATSR)
Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS)
Nahda Association
El Watan
Silvia Gagliardi
Association AGIR pour le Developpement et l'Epanouissement de la Jeunesse
Association Femmes en Communication (FEC)
Africa Women's Forum (AWF)
Rural Women's Development Socity
Women in Business of Algeria
EuroMed Rights
The Egyptian Youth Council for Development
The voice of Amazigh women
Arab Institute for Human Rights
Voix de la Femme Jemmeliya (VFJ)
Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC)
Volunteering association  Touiza  of the wilaya of Algiers
Faculty Affiliate, PHRGE, Northeastern College of Law
Abdulhakeq Al Barghazi
Horus Foundation for Development and Training
Association Talassemtane pour l'Environnement et Développement (ATED)
National Association for the defense of rights and freedoms (NADRF)
Radio Souriat
Women and Gender Unit – Ministry of Social Development
Tamazight Women Movement
Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)
Lebanese League for Women in Business
AMANE – Association Meilleur Avenir pour Nos Enfants
European Observatory on Femicide
Albanian Journalists Group (AJG)
March Lebanon Association
Moroccan Association of Social Workers

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