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They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

AMANE – Association Meilleur Avenir pour Nos Enfants
ISIS Center for Women and Development
Nelly Jazra
NAWF Women Entrepreneurs
Association Entrelles Entrepreneures Marrakech-Safi
Aswat Nissa
Jyhene Kebsi
Center for Study and Research on Human Rights and Migration
Blanquerna Observatory on Media, Religion and Culture
Anna Borg
Association Féminine pour le Développement de la Famille (AFDF)
League for Lebanese Women's Rights (LLWR)
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Adina Mocanu
Khadija Zizi
Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator (WEAccelerator)
Mother's School Association
National Association for Youth Exchange
Moroccan Youth Association for Development AMDJ
FLSH Ain Chock
Tunisian Association of Development Law - ATDD
Organization Dihya for Development
Ministry of Women , Family and Children
National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW)
Movimento per l'Autosviluppo, l'Interscambio e la Solidarietà (M.A.I.S.)
Network of women artisans of Morocco
Women'  s Solidarity Fund (WSF)
Association for the Promotion of Rural Women of Mezzouna
Youth Capacities Development Association-Biskra (YCDB)
Mobilising for Rights Associates (MRA)
Al-Bait Assamed Association Society
University of Coimbra
Mediterraneo Sociale
Creativity Center for Citizenship and Democracy
Bidaya Association

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Nanterre Congress: RUSEMEG's contributions to the collective feminist debate

In August, the Euro-Mediterranean Academic and Scientific Network on Gender and Women (RUSEMEG) organized the symposium 'Stories...

Online training to enhance women's participation in local governance in Egypt

Last week, the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) in Cairo launched the seventh and final lecture of the first cycle...

Analyzing women's role in preserving the environment in Tripoli

Since the formation of the Ministry of Environment in 1992, Lebanon has ratified several international agreements regarding the...

October 11: International Day of the Girl Child

My Voice, Our Equal FutureIn 2021 we commemorate the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), launching 5-year commitments from...

The Community Media Center (CMC) launches a media campaign with the aim of combating violence and gender-based discrimination in the digital space

The Community Media Center (CMC) organized a digital campaign with the aim of combating violence and gender-based discrimination...

Seminar on the participation in economic and political life and violence

Barcelona, 15 and 16 December 2014In 2014, the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation asked several women experts on equality from...

Mozn Hassan will appear on Thursday 29 July 2021 before the investigation judge for the third time

After being officially summoned and charged for the first time, on 22 March 2016 in the Case No. 173 for the year 2011, known...

AFEV analyses how to foster women's entrepreneurship in Algiers

In Algeria, there are few studies on women’s entrepreneurship at the local level. The Association of Women in Green...

Visit our touring drawing exhibition now in Moià: Drawing 4 Equality. Challenging gender roles on both shores of the Mediterranean

From 30 May to 13 June 2023, Espai Jove La Pólvora hosts the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation...

Promoting women’s access to decision-making positions in Souss-Massa

In Morocco, the legal framework supports equality between women and men, as evidenced by the introduction of the instance 79. 14...