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Finding Convergence in Policy Frameworks: A background paper on policy links between gender, violence against women and girls, and female genital mutilation/cutting / Trouver des points communs entre différents cadres stratégiques : document sur les liens existant entre différentes stratégies de ...

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This paper provides an overview of information related to both FGM/C and VAWG. It looks at the similarity of the many underlying causes and contributing factors that increase the risk of VAWG and FGM/C. It also aims to identify intersections in policy frameworks and programme approaches in addres...

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Report on Violence against Women in Cyprus / Rapport sur les violences faites aux femmes en Chypre / تقرير حول العنف ضد المرأة في قبرص

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Cyprus has a set of laws to protect its female population, they range from non-discrimination in the workplace, criminalization of different forms of violence against women and domestic violence, to a law on the prevention and combating of trafficking in human beings. Equality between men and wom...

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Lost Childhood: Child, early and forced marriage in a Syrian IDP camp: Causes and effects / Enfance perdue : mariage précoce/forcé dans le camp IDP syrien : causes et effets / فتيات، ولكن »بحث ميداني يرصد ظاهرة تزويج الفتيات القاصرات في مخيمات النزوح في سوريا على الحدود التركية«

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Child marriage (underage marriage) is a phenomenon that has been frequently discussed as a widespread issue in Syrian society, especially in the refugee and IDP communities. Such marriages are a violation the rights of Syrian girls, in addition to effecting their future and excluding them from a ...