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Podcast - How to be a feminist in Tunisian

27.10.2020 / Created by (EMWF)

Through the voices of young feminists and LGBTQI activists, this podcast addresses issues of freedom, public space, language, as well as decolonial thinking. It was produced on the occasion of a workshop by Charlotte and Samuel in Tunisia at the invitation of the online site Inkyfada, which wants to set up podcasts on issues of engagement, particularly around feminist and LGBTQI struggles.


Amal Khlif, poet. She is one of the creators of Chaml

Abir Krefa, sociologist

Sonia Jebali, former Latelec worker 

Henda Chennaoui, journalist and feminist

Soumaya Mestiri, philosopher

Monia Ben Hamadi, editorial director of Inkyfada

Khookha Mac Queer, queer activist

Shams Radhouani Abdi, associate professor of Literature, feminist activist

Hazar Abidi, journalist at Inkyfada

Mariem Guellouz, lecturer in Language science

Texts: "Je leur appartiens", Amal Khlif; "Un fœtus qui meurt", Amal Khlif; "Nominalement", Yosra; "Souvenir de Masculinisation", Khookha Mac Queer

Musiques : Deena Abdelwahed - Khonnar ; Yuma - Smek ; Neyssatou - Badiaa Bouhrizi ; Ghoula - Dawri ; Dhamma - Freedom ; Yasser Jradi ; Nidhal Yahiaoui - Chaôuia ; Alphawin Populaire - Hedhili

Created by Charlotte Bienaimé.

Available at Arte Radio