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Women Economic Empowerment Portal

21.08.2017 / Created by (EMWF)

This Portal was created by the Collective for Research and Training on Development - Action (CRTD.A) and is devoted to the creation, harvesting, sharing and dissemination of resources, information, analysis, materials and links related to women’s economic rights, participation and empowerment. The information in this Portal is available in both Arabic and English.

The Portal specializes in women’s economic rights and entitlements and women’s economic participation. It is based on a conceptual understanding of women’s economic empowerment as the right to have voice, the right to participate, the right to organize, the right to decide and the right to be recognized as an economic actor and decision maker. The definition is also based on the framing of state and other social institutions and duty bearers and as entities that are accountable to women as citizens.

The portal is part of the Independent Resource and Information Services (IRIS) which is a knowledge generation and dissemination unit at CRTDA. IRIS manages three internet knowledge platforms:

  1. The CRTDA website which provides information on CRTDA activities
  2. The Lebanon Knowledge Development Gateway LKDG which focuses on citizenship, rights, refugees, relief, economy, NGO news and gender issues
  3. The Women’s Economic Empowerment Portal