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Research projects on gender of the Research seminar in Rabat

17.11.2015 / Created by (EMWF)

Under the Research seminar on economic empowerment of women, organised by the RUSEMEG, a PhD workshop was held at the School of Governance and Economics of the Polytechnic University Mohamed VI in Rabat (Morocco), on 27 and 28 May 2015.

20 PhD students of the Euro-Mediterranean region exposed the progress of their thesis (posters) and received recommendations of professors and researchers who are specialised in gender in order to develop presentation methodologies of a scientific work.

This seminary is part of the Axis 1 "Strengthening the capacity of equality actors”, of the project “Women for the future in the Mediterranean” funded by the Priority Solidarity Fund of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean.

The attached posters were presented as part of the workshop organized by the RUSEMEG and they served as a working media at methodological, theoretical and conceptual levels. They provide an overview of PhD research in progress.