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SMART Center

25.09.2015 / Created by (EMWF)

SMART Center is a non-profit, civic company that works on improving human and institutional capacities through delivering custom-made capacity building programs, progressive quality control methodologies, and innovative policy-based advocacy campaigns.

Custom-designed Capacity Building Programs

Following the concrete and scientific analysis, the center designs a custom-made capacity building program that delivers techniques and skills through trainings, coaching and mentoring. Practical approaches along with theories sustain the knowledge and forces the practical capacity to implement what is learned.

Progressive Quality Control Methodologies

The center provides well established and progressive methodologies to assess, monitor, evaluate and design solutions in order to develop businesses, individuals, associations, NGOs and CSOs.

Policy-based Advocacy Campaigns

Designing, executing and managing advocacy campaigns, as well as media and publicity campaigns to create awareness and develop human rights concepts. This is achieved by creating creative key messages and producing PSAs, documentaries, writing scenarios and the production of printed and electronic materials binded with all human rights and gender principles.