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New Woman Foundation

25.09.2015 / Created by (EMWF)

The New Woman Foundation (NWF) is an Egyptian feminist non- governmental organization. NWF envisions a world free from all sorts of discrimination against human beings, women in general and the most marginalized categories in particular with specific focus on their economic and social rights.

NWF believes in women’s unconditional right to freedom, equality and social justice, and consider women’s social, political, economic, citizenship and reproductive rights as an integral part of human rights. In this context, NWF believes that women’s struggle cannot be separated from the struggle of nations and people towards freedom and liberation from oppression.

Therefore the three main identified objectives of NWF include:

- Contributing to the development of legal structures (laws and policies) that can ensure gender equality.

- Engagement of varied, large and effective groups of women in civil society to widen the scope of their participation in the public space.

- The development of youth leadership able to defend and support women’s rights from a feminist perspective.