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Quartiers du Monde Association

25.09.2015 / Created by (EMWF)

The Quartiers du Monde (Neighborhoods of the World) Association is a French organization of international solidarity that aims to encourage participative governance and a strong citizenship in southern and northern countries, through the recognition and respect of everyone, thus helping to break the invisible borders of social exclusion. To this aim, Quartiers du Monde creates spaces for dialogue and other ways of communication and reflection between women and men, young people, girls and boys, living in different popular neighborhoods in both southern and northern countries. The association proposes to work in consultation with the local authorities of the cities, to search together the opportunities and the alternatives of change with regard to the environment, education, work, social exclusion, violence and construction of a more assertive citizenship.

The activities implemented by the Quartiers du Monde Association concern cultural exchanges, the exchange of experiences and knowledge, as well as training-reflection actions with local associations, social centers and local communities in southern and northern countries.