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Monthly German feminist magazine launched 34 years ago, created and edited by the journalist and feminist Alice Schwarzer. The...

16.05.2015 Media list Germany


The French webzine Égalité releases online original and diverse information to make the gendered dimension of...

16.05.2015 Media list France

Clara Magazine

Clara magazine succeeded the weekly Femmes françaises, launched in 1945, which then merged with Heures Claires to become...

16.05.2015 Media list France


French women' s magazine, launched in March 2009, which sought to put an end to traditional women' s press by targeting women...

16.05.2015 Media list France

EUR - Lex

Statistics and law texts. This website groups together all the documents on the legal work of the European Union. It is...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - European Union

European Commission - Women and Science Unit

In partnership with the corresponding Eurostat and the Helsinki Group on Women and Science, the Women and Science Unit of the...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - European Union


Eurostat features the whole of EU statistical data, classified by country and topic. The website offers the possibility to find...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - European Union

Wikigender. Data and statistics

Wikigender is a collaborative platform addressed to political decision makers and experts in both developing and developed...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - Europe

Center of Arab Women for Training and Research. Library and database of CAWTAR

CAWTAR groups together Greater Middle Eastern and Northern African countries. It provides the region with a research and study...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - MENA region

Association for Middle East Women's Studies. AMEWS'Ressources

This private, non-profit, non-political, international organisation brings together scholars and other persons interested in the...

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Medstat is the regional statistics programme between the 27 EU Member States and 10 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt,...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - Euro-Mediterranean region

Women' s Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers

This website lists over 900 links to websites of study programmes, departments and feminist research centres on gender or on...

16.05.2015 List of website-resources - International