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COMPENDIUM: News from the gender equality unit from the Social Cohesion Department of the French Ministry of Families, Childhood and Women’s Rights.

http://www. familles-enfance-droitsdesfemmes. gouv....

02.09.2016 List of website-resources - Euro-Mediterranean region

International Association of Women in Radio & Television

http://www. iawrt. org/publications/newsletters 

01.09.2016 List of Newsletters - International

KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation

http://www. kafa. org. lb/studies-publications/0/1/newsletters 

01.09.2016 List of Newsletters Lebanon

Alliance for Arab Women

http://www. theallianceforarabwomen. org/NewsLetterPg. aspx 

01.09.2016 List of Newsletters - MENA region

Fondation Zakoura

http://www. fondationzakoura. org/nos-publications/ 

01.09.2016 List of Newsletters Morocco

Be active. Be emancipated (B.A.B.E.)

http://www. babe. hr/ 

01.09.2016 List of associations Croatia

Réseau de Femmes pour le Mentoring / Networking

http://www. moroccanmentoring. ma/ 

29.08.2016 List of associations Morocco

Prodes Lebanon

http://www. prodeslebanon. org/ 

29.08.2016 List of associations Lebanon

Sport : Relevance of gender in the policy area

An interesting and dynamic presentation of the relevance of gender in the sport policies made by EIGE

03.08.2016 List of website-resources - European Union

ARAB Media Report - Women's section

It is a project created with the aim of spreading news and general information on the Arab world and countries in Italy....

28.07.2016 Media list - MENA region


Minerva Soc. Coop. is a a non for profit Organization of journalists, sociologists, communication experts, human rights...

28.07.2016 List of website-resources - MENA region

Middle East Program - Wilson Center - Women's issues news

The Middle East Program section about the latest developments on women’s issues in the region on a bi-weekly basis....

28.07.2016 Media list - MENA region