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Prodes Lebanon

http://www. prodeslebanon. org/ 

29.08.2016 List of associations Lebanon

Sport : Relevance of gender in the policy area

An interesting and dynamic presentation of the relevance of gender in the sport policies made by EIGE

03.08.2016 List of website-resources European Union

ARAB Media Report - Women's section

It is a project created with the aim of spreading news and general information on the Arab world and countries in Italy....

28.07.2016 Media list MENA region


Minerva Soc. Coop. is a a non for profit Organization of journalists, sociologists, communication experts, human rights...

28.07.2016 List of website-resources MENA region

Middle East Program - Wilson Center - Women's issues news

The Middle East Program section about the latest developments on women’s issues in the region on a bi-weekly basis....

28.07.2016 Media list MENA region

Women's Security Index

http://women-security-index. org/en/ 

27.07.2016 List of associations Israel

Ligue tunisienne pour la citoyenneté

http://www. ltc. org. tn/ 

27.07.2016 List of associations Tunisia

Kayan Feminist Organization

http://www. kayan. org. il/en/ 

27.07.2016 List of associations Israel

MUSLIMA - Muslim Women's Art & Voices

Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices, is a global online exhibition from the International Museum of Women (IMOW)....

26.07.2016 Media list Multi-country

WEBPAGE: International Committee of the Red Cross - Syrian Women Section

This is the section related to the Siryan women 

26.07.2016 List of website-resources Syria

WEBPAGE: Coalition of Women for Peace

The Coalition of Women for Peace is a feminist organization against the occupation of Palestine and for a just peace.  CWP...

26.07.2016 List of website-resources Palestinian Authority

YOUTUBE: OXFAM Webinar Women Peace and Security in the MENA region

Women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) face many difficulties and inequalities in their daily lives, and conflict in...

26.07.2016 List of website-resources MENA region