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Art for promoting equality and fighting patriarchy in Morocco

Discover the world of Zainab Fasiki, a Moroccan feminist comic artist whose goal is to fight patriarchy through art, and...

10.05.2018 List of website-resources Morocco

B 100 Ragl: Animated series advocating women's rights

B 100 Ragl ('Worth 100 men') is a series of several animated videos developed by the Womanity Foundation (Switzerland) and its...

10.05.2018 List of website-resources Switzerland


Sparknews is a news agency that promotes, among others, initiatives -both in the business world and in civil society- in...

20.04.2018 Media list - International

Platform: A Civil Status for Every Child

Non-registration of births is a phenomenon that is still not very well known, even though more than 65 million children around...

20.04.2018 List of website-resources - International

Women's Voice magazine

Women’s Voice magazine was founded in 1997 and is sponsored by the Women’s Technical Affairs Committee (WATC) which...

17.04.2018 List of Newsletters Palestinian Authority

Directory of institutions working to combat violence against women

The directory aims to provide a database of institutions that provide health and social service as well as protection for abused...

17.04.2018 List of institutions Palestinian Authority

UNSCR 1325'National Action Plan Map

'Our Secure Future Program' created this interactive map to track the status of world states commitments to UN Security Council...

13.04.2018 List of website-resources - International

Documentary on MEAE's actions in favor of gender equality

The Priority Solidarity Funds (FSP) are part of the third objective of the 'Gender and development 2013-2017' strategy of the...

03.04.2018 List of website-resources - Euro-Mediterranean region

UN Women's Training Center

Check out UN Women’s training center which offers a great variery of free courses in English, Arabic, French or Spanish....

19.03.2018 List of website-resources - International

YouTube videos in favor of equality in inheritance in Morocco

With the Feminist Free Union association, Hakima Lebbar, author of the book 'Men Defend Equality in inheritance' recently...

16.03.2018 List of website-resources Morocco

Female Experts Tunisia

The objective of this site is to fight the invisibility of women in the media in Tunisia by identifying several hundred women...

14.03.2018 List of website-resources Tunisia


HarassMap is an award winning volunteer-based initiative founded in late 2010 aiming at engaging all the components of the...

13.03.2018 List of website-resources Egypt