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Kayan Feminist Organization

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Mission and objectives

Women’s Leadership in Action:
Kayan is a grassroots feminist organization in Palestinian society in Israel dedicated to defending women and their rights in personal, social, economic, and political spheres, by dismantling the root causes of gender-based discrimination. Since its establishment in 1998 in Haifa, Kayan has empowered women with transformative leaderships skills.
Vision and Mission:
Kayan envisions a secure and just society free of gender-based discrimination, in which Palestinian women in Israel enjoy full and equitable opportunities for self-actualization and take a leading and active part in society through realizing their individual and collective rights.
Kayan strives towards consolidating an active, systematic, nationwide Palestinian feminist movement that actively affects social change through contesting the root causes of gender-based discrimination, defending and promoting the rights of women, and ensuring their integration in decision-making positions in general.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

Legal work: We provide free and informative legal aid, raise awareness about Palestinian women’s legal rights in Israel through publications and events, and advocate for changes in the law and court systems. Specifically, we protect women's personal status rights and right to a safe workplace (such as through fighting sexual harassment).
Community work: We raise awareness within our society and advance Palestinian women’s causes. Some of these causes are promoting women's participation in politics, ending sexual and gender-based violence such as through our 16 days campaign, and informing women about land rights. We also empower women and youth with tools, information, and networking opportunities to be transformative leaders.
Jusur Forum: Kayan’s work revolves around the Jusur (meaning bridges) Forum, which provides the basis for a sustainable, national, grassroots Palestinian women’s movement. The Jusur Forum includes representatives from Kayan-supported local women’s groups in 17 localities. They support and booster the work of the local groups through creating strategic plans for further work, by fostering cooperating with other women's organization, and by amplifying the ideas from the local level. The Jusur Forum is composed of 35 Palestinian women leaders and elevates the voices of local women to the national level.

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Civil and political rights
Types of Violence
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