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Kayan Feminist Organization

Member since 20.07.2016



Mission and objectives

Kayan Feminist Organization envisions a secure and just society free of gender-based discrimination, in which Arab Palestinian women in Israel enjoy full and equitable opportunities for self-actualization, and take a leading and active part in society through realizing their individual and collective rights.

Kayan's Community Department empowers Palestinian women in Israel to set and realize their own agenda for social change and to participate in decision-making processes through long-term investments in the development of Arab women's leadership at the grassroots. Correspondingly, the staff of the Community Department builds cooperation with strategically selected decision-makers in order to promote collaborative efforts between Palestinian women grassroots activists and key stakeholders. These collaborations open the doors for Palestinian women's participation in high-level decision-making processes, and put the needs of Palestinian women on institutional agendas.

Kayan's Legal Department leverages the community department's efforts by informing program development, providing legal tools to support local initiatives, engaging with institutional stakeholders, and promoting an Arab Palestinian feminist agenda on the national stage. Their legal team investigates institutionalized barriers to women's rights actualization; empowers Arab women as informed decision makers able to demand their rights.

Their target groups are employed women, youth, victims of violence, immigrant and refugee women and national minorities (such as, Palestinian women) at national level. Kayan has more than 10 years of work experience in gender equality.


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