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Association Tazghart

Member since 30.11.2016



Mission and objectives

The strategy of the Association TAZGHART Azrou aims to achieve its objectives that have been set out in its Statute, adopted in the last general meeting held in May 2015:

- Intercultural exchange of young people;
- Promoting the values of democracy and human rights;
- The environment

Today, TAZGHART has expertise at the local and provincial level in organizing seminars, conferences (AZROU OPENS THE DOORS), and open doors sessions and trainings. TAZGHART is also implementing the pilot program in partnership with FEMDH, entitled "Youth actor for democracy and human rights" between May 2016 and April 2017. Such Program aims to build the capacity of 120 young people in the Province of Ifrane in areas related to democracy and human rights. The Program gives a gender perspective in each training group, and they give priority to women in the selection of participants. TAZGHART also offers trainings on diversity and parity as well as thematic seminars.

The Association TAZGHART has two years of specific work experience in gender equality at the local, provincial and regional levels.


Address : 15, Tit Hssen Street, 53100 ,Morocco
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