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Association des Filles de la Renaissance

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Mission and objectives

The “Association des Filles de la Renaissance” was created in 1958 for an indefinite period in order to contribute to the multi-dimensional training of young women as active actors in the Moroccan nation. Furthermore, the organization who works on coaching and mobilizing young Moroccan women' s participation in local and national governance has currently more than 50 branches all over Morocco.

The association' s objectives are the following:

- The integration of young women in the economic, societal and political activities in Morocco;
- Promote the culture of parity, equality and equity;
- Strengthen the empowerment of young women in public and private institutions and opening their doors to participate in the management and activation of development programs;
- The voluntary and active participation in political work in particular and development in general;
- Engage in the heart of the issues and key public workshops and
- Defending national constants and strengthen the participation of young women in the parallel diplomacy.


Address : 4, Avenue d' Ibn Toumert Bab El Had, 10060 ,Morocco
Adress email :
Website :

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

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