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Palestinian Bar Association (PBA)

Member since 19.05.2015


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

Palestinian Bar Association is an independent body that seeks to protect the principle of the rule of law and respect for human rights and to ensure the separation of powers and the independence of judiciary, the association as well seeks to defend its interests and those of the lawyers and preserve the message of the profession and ensure the freedom of lawyers.

The association preside over the Aoun Network for access to justice which was formed by a community initiative from a group of professional associations and institutions of civil work and law schools at the universities of Gaza, the number of association is 21, they work on the support of the rule of law as well as enhancing the access of most vulnerable groups, especially women and poor to justice, with the goal of promoting social sustainable development
The network includes 18 legal clinic geographically dispersed along the Gaza Strip.

* Networks of free legal aid services: consulting, mediation, judicial and legal representation .
* raising legal awareness, especially in matters of gender equality
* Training of male and female lawyers and tribal judiciary (mayors) and women leaders and those interested in the issues of gender equality.
* The Establish of the Gender Justice Council, resulting from Aoun network which focuses on gender advocates to raise the efficiency of the network team members.
* Established the first database in the field of justice area, for those interested in digital indicators and research.
* Carried out about 50 advocacy and lobbying campaigns that dealt with urgent legal issues and contributed to solve a lot of legal problems and had an effect towards fairer policies .


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