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Member since 09.09.2015


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

FILASTINIYAT is a pro-active, non-governmental and not-for-profit media advocacy organization, committed to ensuring and supporting the equitable participation of Palestinian women and youth at all levels of public spheres and all forums of public discourse.

Shaping media and public discourse through a women' s and youth' s discourse is a process that needs measures to increase women and youth' s participation. It ought to be complemented by a consistent and systemic integration of context-specific gender-aware perspectives and the development of woman-empowering at political, economic, social, and human rights spheres.

Their main programs are:

- Female Journalists' Club: it brings 382 journalists together as well as it provides capacity building, internships, public forum and space for young and senior female journalists.
- Youth Debate Club: Youth Social and Political Empowerment
- NAWA: Women News Agency
- Media Monitoring and media policy analysis
- Media production


Address : 38 Port-Said Street, 613 ,Palestinian Authority
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