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Amel Association International

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Mission and objectives

Amel Association International is a non-sectarian and nongovernmental organization (NGO) Lebanese created in 1979. Amel operates through 24 centers and 6 mobile clinics for over 35 years in the most deprived areas of Lebanon, Beirut and its southern suburbs, passing by Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa plateau (east of Lebanon) to the south of Lebanon.

The Association has always provided accessible quality services to all in the medical, psychosocial, vocational training, women capacities, rural development, child protection and promotion of human rights. In the context of the Syrian crisis, Amel has set up an emergency response and stabilization program that provided, since 2012, more than 800,000 services to the most vulnerable population, especially women and children, affected by this tragic situation.


Address : Mussaitbeh, Abu Chacra Street. Amel Bdg., ,Lebanon
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