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Libyan Women Forum (LWF)

Member since 22.08.2016



Mission and objectives

Libyan Women Forum (LWF) is a civil society organization with an ambitious vision; “Empower Libyan women to play an effective role and participate in the reconstruction phase post 2011 uprising (in the future development of the country), influence the decision making process and to reach executive positions in the social, economic and political sectors".

To achieve these objectives, LWF embarked on implementing a multi-dimensional program including civic education activities, capacity building and trainings, organizing roundtable discussions, and advocacy campaigns and lobbying programs to raise awareness and knowledge on democratic processes, provide women with the skills that increase effective participation, and encourages them to use these concepts when design more effective advocacy and political participation programs on their own.

LWF also spear-headed the creation of space for women within the media and public sphere, facilitating discussions to raise women's voice and opinions, and develop their capacity in debates particularly when addressing women's rights issues. LWF has initiated partnerships with both government and non- government agencies and actors throughout our projects.

The LWF mission statement is “Empowering Women for a Better Libya” and they have between two and five years of work experience in gender equality.


Address : Mohendiseen in Cairo, . ,Libya
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