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International Center for Rights and Freedoms (ICRF)

Member since 10.07.2016


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

The International Center for Rights and Freedoms (ICRF) in Palestine is a development center that promotes economic, social and political rights in the Palestinian society, through advocacy campaigns, especially to women and youth.

Their objectives are:

- Supporting the United Nations organizations in developing an understanding of the rights.
- Supporting economic, social and political rights of Palestinian women through giving support and promoting advocacy campaigns.
- Supporting Palestinian children through promoting the right to education, health and knowledge as well as ensuring the exercise of freedom of expression.
- Supporting the private sector and strengthening its orientations concerning the rights.
- Strengthening the capacity of institutions involved in development and human rights in order to create an international cooperation with various sectors.
- Building capacities of civil society through awareness and increasing knowledge on human rights.
- Developing the rights adopted by the constitutions and the International Conventions.

The Center mainly works on economy and employment issues at national level. It has 2 years of working experience on women's rights and gender equality.


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