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Center of Women' s Studies and Policies (CWSP)

Member since 08.06.2015



Mission and objectives

The Center of Women' s Studies and Policies (CWSP) is established as a Foundation under the Bulgarian Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities.

The CWSP succeeds the Women' s Program of the Open Society Foundation, Sofia. During its existence from 1997 to 2002 the Program established successful mechanisms for coordination, information exchange and networking with other NGOs addressing women' s issues in Bulgaria, and developed a capacity in providing expertise on gender equality issues, which allows the Program to be spun off into an independent NGO.

CWSP continues and enhances the work on women's, gender and equal opportunities issues in Bulgaria and further develops new areas of expertise and activities. It implements its own or joint projects with similar domestic or international organizations.

At national level the CWSP is a member of consultative bodies on gender equality issues to the executive as well as member of several international networks.


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