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Rania Mokrani

Member since 18.01.2016



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Rania Mokrani works for a full equality between women and men at all levels. She promotes the right of women to equal access to all political positions and become head of state.

Rania is a first year PhD student, her thesis is about Tunisian and European women before the judiciary a Tunisia: a comparative study of archives (1881-1956).

The subject is directly related to the status of women, and physical and psychological violence aginst Tunisian Muslim, Jewish and forgien women who were part of the European community, which settled in Tunisia during the French protectorate time (1881-1956).

Mrs Mokrani is interested in the right of women to education, health, employment, equal pay, the woman's right to choose her husband, without the intervention of anyone, even if she is not from his country or religion.


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