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Ramzi Nouisser

Member since 21.06.2016



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Ramzi Nouisser just finished writing his doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of Tunis which covers "Immigration to Europe and the right to family reunification" in which he developed the idea that involves disassembling that the exercise of the right to family reunification in Europe has a lot of restrictions causing a violation of the right of the individual to have a normal family life. He also mentioned that globalization has contributed to the intensification of migration and diversification of migration profiles including their feminization. In addition, the woman is no longer considered as a member of the family, but she is seen as the wife who joins her husband. She is now a protagonist of migration and family reunification.

Ramzi Nouisser works mainly on civil and political life and violence at Euro-Mediterranean level. The target populations of his research are immigrant women, refugee women and children in armed conflict.

Ramzi Nouisser has 2 years of specific working experience in gender equality.


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