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Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (UNFT)

Member since 28.09.2016



Mission and objectives

The “Union National de la Femme Tunisienne” (UNFT) works on civil and political life, education and training as well as violence at national level. Its target groups are women artisans, victims of violence and youth. The objectives of UNFT are:

- Working to improve the status of women and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against them.
- Ensuring the promotion of women in all areas: economic, social, cultural and scientific.
- Acting for greater involvement of women in the centers of power and decision-making spaces.
- Developing programs to enhance the involvement of women in development.
- Consolidating the education of women fighting against illiteracy and against the causes of school wastage.
- Training girls out of school in the UNFT's professional training centers.
- Facilitating women's access to new information technologies and communications.
- Advocating for the eradication of poverty, creation of income sources for women and providing support to families in precarious situations.
- Acting in the best interest of peace in the world.

UNFT has over 10 years of specific experience working in gender equality.


Address : 56 Boulevard Bab Bnet, 1006 ,Tunisia
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