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Racha Ramadan

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Racha Ramadan is an assistant professor at Cairo University. She conducts a research that is mainly focused on tackling the determinants of women empowerment in Egypt and other Arab countries. More precisely, Racha is interested in analyzing the individual and community factors affecting women's empowerment; their decision power within their household, their mobility freedom, their employment status and access to the labor force. The target population of her researches are academic researchers and policy makers.

Racha Ramadan is the coordinator of the Anti-harassment Unit in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science. She works on raising awareness about gender equality and fighting any type of violence against women within the Cairo University Campus. The role of this Unit is to shed the light on this phenomenon, among Cairo University students, and to offer advices and support whenever it is needed. For instance, during the 16 days of awareness of violence against women initiated by the UN Women, the Anti-harassment Unit in collaboration with the students of the Faculty, they organized an “orange” day where they work on raising awareness among students. Such activities allow Racha to work closely with her students from both genders, motivate them to work together and to end such a phenomenon.

Racha Ramadan has between 2 and 5 years of work experience in gender equality.


Address : Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo University, 12361 ,Egypt
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