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Palestinian Businesswomen's Association ASALA

Member since 25.05.2015


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

The Palestinian Businesswomen's Association- Asala is a Palestinian non-governmental organization (NGO) that was first established in 1997 as the Center for Women's Economic Projects (CWEP) and registered under the current name in 2001. Asala's aim is to provide Palestinian women with
the necessary skills and opportunities to successfully contribute to the advancement of their society on the basis of equal rights and access to resources and institutions. Originally known as a micro finance institution, Asala NGO has developed a variety of services since its foundation to enable women entrepreneurs make better use of economic opportunities. In 2014, Asala NGO separated itself from any micro finance operations due to a change in legislation. Today, the NGO focuses on contributing to women's empowerment by supporting its beneficiaries in the areas of capacity building, access to markets, and advocacy and lobbying for women's economic and
social rights.


Asala envisions an entrepreneurial Palestinian
woman that is capable and influential in a democratic
society that adheres to social justice.


Asala is a Palestinian non-governmental organization
that empowers women who have limited resources
to realize their economic and social rights
by using a holistic approach to development in accordance
with their needs
Strategic Objectives

West Bank Office
Ramallah / AL-Bireh, Al Mubadeen Street
Alwa'ad Building, 2nd Floor
Tel: +970 2 2400532, Fax: +970 2 2402433

Gaza Strip Office
Al-Rimal, Al-Mina' Area, Habboush Street
Dream Building, 2nd Floor
Telefax: +970 8 2827165
The Palestinian Businesswomen Association Asala


Address : Al-Bireh / Al-Mubadeen Street, Alwa'ad Bld. Second floor, 2316 ,Palestinian Authority
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