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AWSA-Be, Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgium

Member since 26.01.2016



Mission and objectives

Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgium is an association that gathers women and men of Arab, Belgian or other origins. AWSA-Be is a secular and mixed association that advocates for the promotion and improvement of women's rights in the Arab world, both in their countries of origin and in their host countries. The Association is independent of any national, political or religious group.

Founded in June 2006 in Brussels, the Association supports the liberation of women from political, social, family, economic or religious domination. Their missions and objectives are to educate and inform as many as possible, young and old people, Belgian and others, the status of women from the Arab world, and build through women bridges between cultures. They want to enhance and improve the image of the Arab world and to promote exchanges and mutual understanding to support peace, equality and justice in the world.


Address : 10 Rue du Méridien, 1210 ,Belgium
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