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iJMA3, The Arab ICT Organization

Member since 25.05.2015



Mission and objectives

ICT is an important growth industry for many countries in the Middle East and North Africa. An educated multilingual workforce, rising demand for Arabic content, and increasingly globalized economies have generated dynamic ICT sectors around the Middle East and North Africa.

Recognizing the opportunities that exist for cooperation, the pooling of resources, and the sharing of best practices, an alliance was formed linking the preeminent ICT industry associations from the region' s key ICT producing countries. This alliance – the Arab ICT Organizatio, its Arabic name, IJMA3 (Al Mounazama Al Arabiya Lil Maaloumatiya wal Etisalat) also meaning “to calculate” – was formed during a regional ICT conference at the Dead Sea in Jordan in March 2004. Founding members include the ICT associations of: Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon. Syria, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Kuweit, Saudi Arabia and Sudan have subsequently joined the organization, bringing the total number of members to thirteen.


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