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Assemblée des Femmes Paris Ile-de-France

Member since 06.06.2016



Mission and objectives

“Assemblée des Femmes” aims to promote the access to the parity of women and men in centers of political decision as well as to defend women's rights in all areas. Being open to society and flexible in its structures, the “Assemblée des Femmes” seeks dialogue, sets relays and places of training as well as promotes exchanges. The Association has a permanent desire to influence the authorities and political orientations as well as to alert the public opinion.

“Assemblée des Femmes” works to include the approach of gender in the constitution and institutions, at political, social and economic levels. They propose to foster and promote women's candidacies to progress in all elections (municipal, parliamentary, European). It develops cooperation with all organizations that share these objectives at local, national, European and international levels. The Association joins all fights for the recognition of equality rights (in the social, professional and cultural spheres), for the fight against violations of physical integrity and against all oppressions.

In the long term, the “Assemblée des Femmes” works on changing the social consciousness by giving precedence to the interests of women. Their access in places of power is a priority direction that can be achieved through the development of a different policy approach.


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