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Women's Network for Mentoring / Networking (RFMN)

Member since 29.07.2016



Mission and objectives

The Women's Network for Mentoring (RFMN) works on education and professional training at national level. Its target groups are women entrepreneurs, women artisans as well as students and researchers. The Network's objectives are:

- Raising awareness among Moroccan women leaders in their areas linked to the mentoring concept by joining national and international associations that promote women's empowerment.
- Encouraging empowerment through the development of mentoring that enables sharing professional experiences.
- Creating, distributing, supporting, promoting and duplicating the concept of mentoring in Morocco and the MENA region.
- Ensuring the continuity of women's support through the mentoring for a better access to information and sharing experiences.
- Raising awareness among women about the importance of the new concept of mentoring / networking.
- Seeking commitment and inspiration of women models.
- Developing, organizing structures and platforms for a better networking.
- Building and developing professional networking through Moroccan and international partners.

The Network has between 5 and 10 years of specific experience working on gender equality.


Address : MWM c/o C.G.E.M, Al Maddane secteur street 7, J5, Hay Riad, 26730 ,Morocco
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