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Nisaa Network

Member since 17.04.2016


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

Nisaa Network connects like-minded media outlets, women's and civil society organizations and individuals by offering inspirational and gender-inclusive media content to promote and enhance the role of women in Arab societies, as well as fostering women's careers in the media.

Nisaa Network focuses on Arab women's interests, promotes women's rights, and highlights the role of women in the media and in the society by engaging both women and men. Specifically, its contents and activities will seek to:

- Reinforce the active social, economic and political participation and leadership of women.
- Discuss women's social and professional aspirations, their limitations and obstacles, as well as their successes.
- Contribute to eliminate discriminatory and oppressing stereotypes against women.
- Document both male and female perspectives that contribute to improve the lives of women and achieve gender equality.
- Highlight success stories of female innovators, educators, activists and homemakers from villages, cities and marginalized communities to serve as inspirational role models for other women.
- Enhance the role and careers of female professionals in media.

Its main working themes are civil rights and political life, education and professional training as well as violence in the Arab countries. Nisaa Network has between 5-10 years of work experience in gender equality.


Address : Palestine- Ramallah, 100 ,Palestinian Authority
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