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Nazra for Feminist Studies

Member since 04.10.2016



Mission and objectives

Nazra for Feminist Studies is a group that aims to sustain an Egyptian feminist movement, believing that feminism and gender are political and social issues affecting freedom and development in all societies.

Nazra aims to mainstream these values in public and private spheres, believing that working to create a movement, strengthen and decentralize, it is the best way to keep feminism methods and approaches alive and has ability to fight for them. Through developing new tools, methods and tactics, Nazra is keeping close eye on women in Egypt and the MENA Region.

Nazra's main objectives are:

- To provide continuous support to women human rights defenders, who have been engaging in the public sphere and became part of various social and political movements. In addition, furnishing them with different services and advocacy complementing their work.
- To support women to be political agents and part of the overall policy making process.
- To mobilize youth to continue their struggle.
- To support satisfied private lives for women and tackling sexuality issues.
- To generate links of activism between Egypt and the MENA Region.
- To develop its progressive discourse, networking and advocacy plan using alternative tools and self-organizing tactics to sustain and strengthen the movement locally and regionally.

Nazra has between 5 and 10 years of specific work experience in gender equality.


Address : 1, Latin America Street - Garden City, 11795 ,Egypt
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