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Youth Capacities Development Association-Biskra (YCDB)

Member since 13.04.2016



Mission and objectives

Youth Capacities Development association of Biskra (YCDB) is a local, apolitical, independent and non-profit organization run entirely by young people in the Wilaya of Biskra. YCDB exists since 2012 and it is defined by its members as a space for young people to explore and develop their potential in all areas.

The objectives of YCDB are:

- Motivating young people to create a positive impact in the society through training. The association encourages them the implementation of training sessions in the right direction.

- Helping young people to find or create jobs because of the high unemployment rate among youth.

- Building citizenship among young people because youth participation in the society and public life is deteriorating. TYCDB takes initiatives to motivate young people to participate and contribute effectively in public policy, because the association believes that participation today is the mastering core tomorrow.

- Training the potential of young leaders in the society.


Address : Boulevard Zaatchia, 07000 ,Algeria
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