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Badr Eltawayel

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Mission and objectives

The Association Badr El-Tawayel (Saqulta – Sohag center) is formed of a group of young people who are aware of their rights. It works on developing local societies through empowering its groups, especially women, male and female agriculture workers and their children. The Association aims to achieving a better life and letting the target groups be aware of their rights and fighting for them. Furthermore, the Association works to participate in policy and decision making, through solidarity, and transparency in their work in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

Some of the most important objectives sought by Badr El-Tawayel are:

Raising awareness among women of their rights; carrying out awareness seminars and professional trainings for women in order to find them a steady source of income; fighting all forms of violence against women in Egypt and the Arab world; gender equality; participating in writing drafts of laws that protect women's rights.


Address : Egypt, Sohag, Saqtla, . ,Egypt
Adress email :
Website :

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

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