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Gender Alternatives Foundation (GAF)

Member since 08.06.2015



Mission and objectives

The mission of the Gender Alternatives Foundation (GAF) is to work towards the protection and empowerment of women and girls in all spheres of public and private life so that they realize their full potential in a just and unbiased society.

Through their guiding principle, the GAF Foundation strives to address a number of structural inequalities which are layered in social organization and mindset, and present the building blocks of gender based discrimination and violence. The issues they devote their efforts are combating the historical gender inequalities which assign women and girls a subordinate role in society and the family, making their contribution and participation unrecognized and undervalued.

The GAF Foundation tries to work with society and its individual members in parallel so that they ensure raising public awareness on the pervasive negative effects of patriarchal structure and protecting the rights of the vulnerable through giving them the chance to be actors on their own.


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