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Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.)

Member since 09.09.2016



Mission and objectives

The mission of the Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.) is the contribution to sustainable development at national and international level. The association considers human potential as a key factor of sustainable development and this should be done through awareness campaigns and capacity building.

Their objectives are:

1. Financing development projects in collaboration with government agencies and non-governmental organizations;
2. Contributing to the development of all regions of the Kingdom in the economic, social, cultural and sports areas;
3. Contributing to the preservation of natural resources and rationalizing the exploitation of these resources;
4. Contributing to the development efforts in the mountainous areas;
5. Encouraging personal initiatives of general interest in all areas.
6. Ensuring the preservation of local and national heritage;
7. Strengthening the capacity of individuals and groups in all areas;
8. Promoting the culture of volunteerism among young people (girls and boys) at national and international level;
9. Encouraging and promoting sustainable tourism;
10. Promoting sports, culture and arts;
11. Promoting the involvement of youth and women in the community and public life;
12. Supporting and strengthening the capacity of development actors in the country;
13. Encouraging research, innovation and creation in the areas of sustainable development;
14. Supporting the accompaniment and the operationalization of the advanced region;
15. Promoting the exchange and sharing of experiences at regional, national and international level;
16. Promoting the training of young leaders to contribute to local management.

A.C.D.D. works mainly on civil and political life, economy and employment as well as education and training at national level. Its target groups are women artisans, women entrepreneurs and women workers. The association A.C.D.D. has between 2 and 5 years of specific working experience in gender equality.


Address : 44, Moulay Idriss street. Azrou District - Azrou Centre, . ,Morocco
Adress email :
Website :

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

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