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Venus Association for the culture and arts

Member since 09.09.2016



Mission and objectives

The Venus Association for the culture and arts works primarily on culture, sports and leisure as well as on civil rights and political life at global level. Its target groups are women artisans, men, youth and victims of violence. The objectives of the association are to contribute to:

1. the defense of universal human rights;
2. encourage creativity and initiative in culture and arts;
3. the training of young people in the fields of culture and human rights and
4. the definition of cultural and artistic inventory of the Tunisian Republic and continental, at local and global level.

Its mission is to increase the awareness of youth and women from poor neighborhoods on human rights issues, including equality between men and women and cultural rights.

The Venus Association has between 2 and 5 years of specific experience working in gender equality.


Address : Abdallah ben brahim dibosville el wardia street, 1009 El wardia ,Tunisia
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