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Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)

Member since 01.02.2016



Mission and objectives

The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) established in 2001, is an independent non-profit organisation, which has been set up for the promotion of opportunities, awareness building, training and research in the field of women entrepreneurs and other gender issues.

The Foundation aims at establishing entrepreneurship as a culture and way of life for women – not only business owners, but workers, mothers and citizens on a national, European and Mediterranean level. We are part of AFAEMME (Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Businesswomen) and MEDITER Network, an economic and social network between all countries around the Mediterranean basin.

The Foundation aims and believes in enhancing and networking with similar organizations in Europe and North Africa with the aim of establishing collaborative initiatives in order to urgently and constantly address the issue of the so-called “gender inequalities” and assist communities to bridge that gap. The Foundation also represents female entrepreneurs on the Business Platform for Multilingualism set up by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) since 2009.


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