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Arab Women Media Center (AWMC)

Member since 23.09.2016



Mission and objectives

The Arab Women Media Center (AWMC) is concerned with media work (written, audio, video) that focuses on the importance of protecting the rights of women, and empowering them to be active community leaders, to raise awareness about current gender inequalities in the working world and to challenge perceptions and attitudes towards women who are trying to establish a professional career and to debate about this often neglected issue.
Their mission is to eradicate all forms of violence and of discrimination against women and girls and to encourage a change in attitude and behaviour for gender equality. AWMC works on domestic violence, youth issues, women's rights as well as democracy education in order to reach media freedom alongside with journalism ethics.

AWMC adopts such a media philosophy and efforts to introduce an idea of media privatization in practicing and performing through the following lines:

- Genuine self-research on their own: what, why and how.
- What is the AWMC status globally? Why there still are human rights violations? How we should develop our self towards modernization? Reasons why still dragging in Democratization process.
- Disseminating reports, cases, and status briefed or comprehensive subjected for publishing and feedback to all NGOs locally and internationally as well as governmental decision makers.
- Offering job trainings for newly graduate media women, as well as offering media to non-media training sessions to upgrade their knowledge on human rights and democratization.
- Helping unemployed media women by hiring them on regular and part job basis to run their media reconnaissance's project.

The Arab Women Media Center has more than 10 specific years of work experience in gender equality at global level.


Address : Jabel Al Waibdeh- Al E'allamiat Al Arabiat Street, opposite of Ministry of Education. P.O Box 199, 11947 ,Jordan
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