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Association Irtikaa

Member since 21.06.2016



Mission and objectives

Four years after Irtikaa was launched, the association has managed to achieve a number of its objectives and implement a part of its program by covering a several activities to ensure gender equality in all areas: political, economic, social, etc. In addition, Irtikaa works to educate women and encourage active participation in the management of public affairs, capacity building and developing skills in a scientific way that allows them to activate its real and effective role in the context of a qualitative change experienced in Tunisia, after January 14, 2011.

Irtikaa works mainly on culture, sports and leisure, civil and political life as well as education and vocational training at national level. Its target groups are students and researchers, employed women and especially youth.
Irtikaa has between 2 and 5 years of specific working experience in gender equality.


Address : 1, Street de Pyree, 1000, 1000 ,Tunisia
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