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Assiwar- the Feminist Arab Movement

Member since 22.03.2016



Mission and objectives

“Assiwar” is a feminist Arab, Palestinian, and independent Movement struggling against all forms and representations of oppression at the patriarchal, economic, national, and ethnic levels. Assiwar believes that liberating the society, particularly the marginalized and vulnerable groups, requires fighting against all these forms of manipulation, combined and separately. As such, Assiwar views sexual assaults as a social phenomenon with women and children as its victims given their social vulnerability.

The missions of Assiwar are:

- Provide psychological and legal support for girls and women who were subjected to any form of sexual violence.
- Fight against sexual violence crimes and highlight them in all forms.
- Provide counseling and training for professionals: at the educational and clinical levels and others regarding the phenomenon of sexual violence.
- Support women and feminist groups concerned with Palestinian women's issues to assume an active and leading role within the society.
- Develop our own feminist thinking as Palestinian women and develop programs that focus on gender issues.


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