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Women' s Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE)

Member since 20.05.2015


United Kingdom

Mission and objectives

The Women' s Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE)is an alliance of non-governmental associations and civil society organizations from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia; extending from Tunisia to Tajikistan. With over 30 NGOs in 13 countries, WAVE' s network covers a richly diverse cultural and geographical area.

WAVE is committed to improve the quality of life for women and give them a recognized voice through the use of ICT: the development of the technology sector provides a vital area whose capacity should be taken advantage of to improve women' s position and unleash their potential in all fields. WAVE' s programs focus on issues related to defending women' s rights, equal career opportunities, entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship. The Alliance also works on promoting international and regional cooperation opportunities to advocate for women' s issues as well as networking and exchange of information since it covers a diverse cultural and religious geographical area. Furthermore, WAVE aims to empower its members through specialized capacity building programs and exchanging expertise among themselves.


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