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Association Generation Challenge for Development and Culture

Member since 19.05.2015



Mission and objectives

The Association Generation Challenge for Development and Culture (Fnideq) is an independent, socio-cultural, voluntary institution that represents a framework for dialogue, reflection and creativity and seeks to support the development and advancement of women and children in all areas and with all available means. The Association aims at:

- Enhancing the role of women and youth in development and fighting all forms of discrimination.
- Programs planning and carrying out income-generating projects.
- Support of local talents and encouraging individual and collective initiatives in the social field.
- Completion of literacy and non-formal education projects.
- Providing care for those disabled or with special needs.
- Participation in the programs and projects aimed at children and maternity care.
- Encourage all cultural, educational, social, sports and artistic activities.
- Protection of the environment and cultural and social heritage
- Cooperation with individuals, national and foreign institutions and bodies in order to achieve a comprehensive development of the region.

The areas of intervention of the Association are the following: Local and regional Development; - girls and women and children; - preservation of the environment; - non-formal education and the fight against Illiteracy, social activities and Sport; - Education and Training, social solidarity.

The Number of members and those sympathized with the association is more than 500 individuals of whom 45% are women.


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