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Association of Women in Green Economy (AFEV)

Member since 29.11.2016



Mission and objectives

The Association of Women in Green Economy (AFEV) is an organization working with women artisans, young women and women entrepreneurs at local, national and Euro-Mediterranean level. Their working themes related to gender are economics and employment as well as education and professional training.

The AFEV's missions and objectives are :
1. Supporting green businesses:
- Identify and guide women and young people towards sectors related to green economy.

2. Creation:
- Help to foster successful collaborations and build bridges through a platform of exchanges and communication.
- Assist in the creation of companies and allow the establishment and development of green economy projects in the municipalities that are members or institutions that have a convention.

3. Development:
- Promote women's and young people's initiatives and success stories in the green economy's sector in Algeria, by organizing national competitions to reward the best projects.
- Work towards setting up a Green Economy Observatory and implement initiatives to support entrepreneurship projects, especially for young graduates.
- Organize national and international meetings in the field of the green economy.

The Association of Women in Green Economy has between 2 and 5 years of specific work experience in gender equality.


Address : Salle des sports, Cité Soumam-Bab Ezzouar, Cité Soumam-Bab Ezzouar ,Algeria
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